To be human means :
You must face hardship
Be maligned in some fashion or the other,
Be deprived sometimes
Give up your truth for someone else’s folly ,
Loose credit for your hard work ,which can make you jaded and distrustful
Watch others crow and benefit from your deprivation
Wait endless for promises you know a person cannot and will not keep .

To be alive Is to :
Be angry but forgiving
Be a comforter to those around you
Be the one to overlook the faults of others
But work on your own proclivities , fears and ackwardness
Become daily the person you want to have in your life.

Find time to:
Compliment some one
Give a smile to strangers
Bow sometimes to other members beside those of your species
Care for other life forms
They keep you alive , do not forget kindness
Finally render good not evil to your fellow man .

For all these done in good measure
Leads you to the Tree of Life
That Spiritual Phenomenon
That enfolds life in this world .
Finally Breathe .
It’s Life’s Blessing .

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