The Tree of Life, and man

Is the gateway to eternity and a spiritual continuum that moves the physical into the spiritual . The best description is like a conveyor belt in a manufacturing plant, where each unit of the product is attached until the final product is produced. Earth where the garden of eden is existing at the time is a garden containing a duality.In essence the presence of created humans to occupy the garden came with the caveat, in the day you eat of it, You shall surely die. What is ‘eating, and what is die . Eating is a thorough investigation of an object with all the senses. The skin eats sunlight and is our largest organ of absorption . Our ears and eyes take in all the sensation in nature that enables us to respond in flight ,fright or delight.What would dying mean to the senses ,both spiritual and physical. How long would dying take to be accomplished and what conditions necessitate the process.

The story speaks of a divine council that evaluated the result of Adam eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, ‘now they are one of us ‘.
Becoming like god sets up a rivalry ,man was given the earth ,now man was in a position to become a potential usurper of the gods. Since man was a creature with both physical and spiritual components,unlike the gods man was to be removed before he took the step to take from the tree of life and live for eternity. Somehow the question should be asked ,
Was the tree of knowledge a catalyst of change , would it change the DNA of humanity.
Was humanity design to live through a period of evolution before accessing the Tree of Life.
Could the proper use of the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil allow humanity to fix or elevate any issues in creation.

Fast tract to the statement of creation as been in chaos,an explosion ,caused from the spoken word. The separation from nothing into something and the required qualities for life ,water,air,light .In the manufacturing of these entities was something that the Grand Designer deliberately left undone in the vicinity of earth that he required of man to find and fix.God made humanity with all of his divine qualities so humanity like him should create for another earth like domain ,this is too awesome for thought. The garden is God’s but he put human in it to care for it ,humanity did not sign a legal contract,humanity were heirs of the estate of the parent. Now that the house rules have been broken,humanity attempted to put God out of his own estate. To mitigate the fall out before the heavenly host of witnesses God took a bold stroke and made the Tree of Life inaccessible to humanity. To emphasize his royal sovereignty access to the garden was also closed off.
The thought of humanity now was its own grand experiment in individualism and self direction.History has recorded our few successes and our abysmal failures.
Looking backwards we now begin to see how we have not cared for the earth ,plant life,water ways,the result of excessive use of the land and the development of our science of knowledge which have unleashed unimaginable sorry of all aspect of creation.
The dust bowl of the last century,the slash and burn method of agriculture along with contamination of living streams leeching chemical into water.

Science along with industrialization exposed humans to carcinogen that are death causing,radiation,atomic energy ,agent orange in warfare to name a few assault of nature. We were not satisfied with this we used humans as subjects of experiments to test the hypotheses of our reasoning.We developed social science and criterion to alienate humans as members of the species by constructs called racism . To cap it all off our institution ,laws and policies were planned to advance a single segment of society globally.

Notwithstanding a remnant or small group of people rose out of the wanton disregard for humanity’s assault on nature ,the environmentalist who seek to mitigate the past rabid and hostile use of the natural resources. A rethinking of the use of nuclear energy,fossil fuel,carcinogen,have all awaken the consciousness of many to realize that we too are apart of nature. Our long ignorance of the symbolic connection all everything on earth inclusive of atmosphere ,land ,sea space leads us back to the statement ,’In the day you eat of it your shall surely die’.

Knowledge learned has become knowledge abused now we too are at the evaluation phase of our use of all the resources of the earth. From straw boats to steam engine,to planes ,space rocket from ships to submarine yet we are yet to accept that dying is caused by our release of forces in the natural world that were kept hidden in the tree of knowledge of how the world works in nature.
If we failed with the things we handle day to day what does that mean for us taking from the Tree-of Life ,how is it present in our time.

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