Everything casts a shadow
The essence of creation is that it is a shadow of the spiritual.
The flow of water is a shadow of the flow of Spiritual Energy into the world of creation.

The drops of dew is a reflection of Divine Light
Hovering over the vegetation
Air is the shadow of Divine breath and life force
Air keeps the created objects in motion
As a branch is affixed to a tree and the leaves are affixed to the branches
Air flows in and out in unidimensional direction

Light above is concealed ,the Light of the upper Spiritual Realm
Light the garment of the Divine erects a veil between both realms
The glow forms the shadow that lights material creation .

Humankind is kept in the shadow of subdued light
To seek to reach towards the True Light, the Divine Being.

The order of all things imitate the order above
Goodness flows below from above.
Below is the Ark that contains the overflow from the Ark above.

Ark is the built in instructions to the existence
The Ark abides for ever.  It is eternal.

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