Metaphysics Eternity and Intelligence

Metaphysics Eternity and Intelligence.(or Consciousness.)

Teaching April 9,2017

One of the unit of measurement of the physical body is the joint of the finger and the toes. The description in the text ,and God said let us make man in our own image ,male and female created he them ,speaks of a mathematical formula that was consistent with immortality. Every thing else was called out or spoken into existences man : male and female were structured as the counterpart of the Divine . The Divine having encompassed the entire realm divided parts of ITSELF into discrete units using a metaphysical formula to populate the region he had designated for IT’s image.Man or the image of divinity was Androgynous having both the male masculine and female capacity to create as they were created making image reflection of other being as themselves .The Garden of Eden was the laboratory or controlled environment where the new creature would begin to exercise its dominion over the earth sphere.
The image of God was not the first form of creation on the earth itself or in the realms above. Each creation was designed to fit the formulate designated to meet the environment of the sphere it would inhabit. Man ,both male and female not only had the potential of masculine or feminine ,they also possessed the capacity to transcend the physical and transmigrated to other realms either in thought , spiritually and or physically .Other earth creatures were bound to the physical plane man was God ,deputized to govern the earth . The entity then was called ‘Sons of God’
The Garden Trees.
The Tree of life was set to continue to reinforce and confirm the immortality of man. The creature was free to access this phenomenon at any time they choose to do so .The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was prohibited to the creature . This tree carried the secrets of the God Head . It embodied the formulation of the universe ,that everything has a cause and effect . That it was planted somewhere in the garden allowed the create to see evil outside of itself . Like other spiritual creature they ,the male female composite could see evil as a necessary side of creation, there as a consequence of the violation of the nature ,of action negative or positive,immortality or death .Was The body flexible and holy ,that could materialize and de materialize .Only at the physical level on the reality of the earth plane could evil and good be integrated and combined .The creatures (Image of God) were encircled by a force field ,light source we may call an hedge of protection. The invitation to take from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil had a universal and cosmos shifting consequence to creation .The ages of humanity was about to shift the Divine posture in creation ,the consequences of misusing the knowledge triggered the physical change in the body as well as the spiritual reality in the divine realm.Bodies having ingested from the tree now have evil and good intertwined within ,therefore the man ;male and female became alienated from his divinity .The quest to become ,’Like God ‘ began itself to diminish the ‘image of God’ to death . An image reflects what is transmitted to it , man began to reflects what was inside itself ,the conflict of good commingled with evil.’Out of the abundance of its innermost being man now begins to function ,different from the original intent.What then becomes our lot since the loss of the ‘true image of God?’ The image became bound to the earth as fresh and blood ,yet contained within is the life force or soul that which was encircled by the Divine Hedge . Now the soul is imprisoned within the darkness and heaviness of the flesh and all its corruption ,all its desires ,needs ,emotion ,its wariness and limitations.The soul now has the role to elevated the new human to reach out to the Divine.The highest level of the soul ,the internal conscience and psychological process reach out to the spiritual plane to feed on the bliss of eternal truths . At the same time breath keeps the body alive ,both breath and body remains at war within the body against the higher spiritual functioning . This internal agitation gives rise to all known human diseases and function the least of which not include politics, power and privilege . All of which over the ages have been used to keep humanity from reaching its full potential .
The earth will rupture and enclose humanity in spiritual darkness until they realize that the ‘image of God ‘ is God reflected in every living human and consequently in every earth form of life. Life is movement every element and force within the known worlds is God Manifested .
Reincarnation ,Resurrection and Death.Release of the spirit and the full soul can only happen by death which results in resurrection and reincarnation .Death came through ingesting the evil to become intertwined with the spiritual . The spiritual and the physical are not cohesive units. The life force struggles to overcome evil through the conscience or internal witness bearer. The divine life force is that which keeps the mind in touch with the Divine .Death is the body unable to retain the spirit and life force . The body disintegrates and the soul flees to the Lord of the Spirit, in whose image it was formed . The soul remains with the Divine and or is reincarnated to complete some specific task ,it left in-completed in its previous life as a soul on the physical plane . Resurrection becomes the lifting of the total of image of God ,human earth essence to become an entity that reflects the creature that had lived on the earth . The process of resurrection allows the body to be transformative ,to cloak itself in other bodies suited to its purpose.Resurrection repurposes a body as was originally designed to be with the Divine.Lives that did not meet the Divine criteria are subjected to what is called ‘judgement ‘ a state of purgation until both soul and body returns to its original state. Evil will then be separated from good and man or image of God returns to communion and oneness with the All and Divine IT.

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