Mediative Vignettes

Rich man and Lazarus. Rich people having died and are now pure consciousness become aware that the practices of excluding the poor and humble did not fulfill the purpose of their life. The lamentation to request help sent to their family, that is the rich of the world was denied.Why was this so?Each soul that reside in the body teaches the body to be godly, it is the body that fights the soul, so that body therefore has to go through purgation and repentance.

Love Is becoming the other .God Incarnated as human to become the true example of love. Love is then been the other.If we become the other there is no single individual but a composite body.

Ten VirginsKingdom of God exemplified by women, hard working having a lamp to shine in the world of darkness. The wise women keep a reserve as they waited .The foolish expended their oil and go to seek oil,in the interim the Kingdom came and they were not allowed admission.
The Kingdom drama is about the self, do we expend the self in totality to the issues of daily life? ( work,family,)and disregard what matters most. Each person must work on the self. Have something in reserve for a time to meet the moment. Know and recognize the moment and become apart of the Kingdom.

EveThe story is more than meets the eye. The commission to be fruitful,multiply and replenish the earth ,required that she should come out of the Garden of God. The Garden was already perfected.How could she then leave this Garden.She needed to identify Good and Evil. Both are created things outside of the body,Eve invited both into the body by ‘eating,’ this changed her DNA and caused dying.

JudasDo you realize that the model of Judas was represented in the goats that were used on the day of Atonement ?One was sacrificed and the blood applied to a cloth which changed white to show forgiveness and the other became the scapegoat aptly named. Judas was given a sap and told to go and do it,the betrayal of Jesus. This is the most difficult job of the disciples.Difficult acts can destroy the mind and lead to tragedy,what an amazing mystery this story is.

Mary andMarthaSisters of Lazarus one was interested in entertaining guest and the other a seeker of spiritual knowledge. She was a women in a culture where men were the teachers and leader. Martha was a masculine female in the sense of taking on a role to be taught directly by a master teacher . Jesus had women around him who desired the deep spiritual truth. Man shall not live by bread alone, sometimes women need to leave the kitchen.The meat of the Word is more savory to the soul.

AbrahamWe understand Abraham was an old man removed from his city and lived in tents under the stars . Friendship requires sacrifice and he was willing to become a friend of God. Friends confined in each other ,Abraham and God had that relationship. God gave Abraham a portion in his Will and Testament ,not that of a first born ,who gets a double portion, but nonetheless apart of that blessing in the ‘seed’ through whom all the nations will be blessed.Abraham seed -Yoshua Ben David ( Jesus) ,descendants becomes a part of the nations of the world into eternity, amazing inheritance from friendship. They continue to be the conscience of the world, what would we be without their pain and triumph ?
MeSeeking ,praying, hoping to find my true self and walk into my inheritance.

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